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          Purchase and identification of cashmere sweaters
          1. Purchase:
          For cashmere sweaters being high-class products with relatively high price, we suggest consumers buy brand products with good reputation and quality, and ensure they have good after-sale service and quality guarantee.
          Firstly to check the completeness of trademarks, hangtags, size labels, quality certificates, spare buttons, spare threads, packing boxes (bags), etc. Consumers can dial the anti-counterfeiting number on the hangtag of the outer packing of Tianshan products to confirm the authenticity of products. All the Tianshan cashmere products are sold accompanied with a bottle of free-of-charge special detergent to ensure appropriate washing.

          2. Identification
          A. By eye view: finished cashmere products are generally with smooth appearance, exquisite processing, softness and smoothness to the touch, distinctive lines, even yarns, full fabric surface, mellow color, high elasticity, mild luster in appearance, full fabric surface, distinctive wool type features. Its surface has a layer of fine fleece after felt finishing. Its horizontal and vertical coils have even density; and this feature is more obvious when being viewed in light.
          B. By hand touch: the cashmere sweater touches soft, light and warm, and slippery; it is with high elasticity, rich thickness, and softness,without making the human skin itchy.
          C. By price: due to the high cost of the cashmere raw material, the cost of cashmere sweaters produced is even higher. So, when consumers find products with a very low price in the market, such products can be concluded as counterfeit and shoddy products.
          Maintenance of cashmere sweaters
          When wearing inside, the outside coat better has smooth lining, not too rough or hard; and do not hold hard things or pens, books, bags and so on in the inside pocket to avoid local balling up caused by friction.
          When wearing outside, try to reduce the friction with hard things (long time friction between the sleeve and desks, the sleeve and arms of a sofa, the back and a sofa, etc.) and strong pull or hook. Wearing time is better not too long; have intervals every ten days or so, so as to let it recover elasticity and avoid fiber fatigue.
          Before storing it in summer, clean and dry it no matter the times you have worn it; fold and place it well to avoid folds and do not fold it excessively and in an overlapped way; never hang it; put it into a plastic bag and put insect-resist agents inside, then seal the bag and put it in a well-aired and dry place.
          Clean and care ways for cashmere sweaters
          Cashmere sweater belongs to the fabric requiring dry clean or careful hand washing. It should be treated according to the washing symbol on the trademark. If hand washing, use warm water below 35oC and wash it carefully and gently; do not rub it hard; use water of 35oC to clean it for two to three times. Choose high-quality neutral detergent or the accompanied special cashmere detergent to wash it, and then rinse it. Use dry towel to absorb the water, and lay flat to dry; do not expose it in strong sunlight to dry.
          Treatment for pilling of cashmere sweaters
          The pilling of cashmere sweater is a normal phenomenon. Besides, pilling is always not an abnormal phenomenon to wool textile. During the wearing process of wool fabric, due to the friction caused by the outside coat and other actions, the shorter end of the cashmere sweater fiber slips outside, and becomes entangled into balls on the fabric surface. While the fiber of cashmere and wool is thin and short, and the common cashmere sweaters are carded products, so the content of short fibers in the cashmere yarn is relatively high, which causes easier entangling. Therefore, cashmere sweater is more likely balling up than woolen sweater. Several causes for the pilling of the cashmere:
          (1) Material cause: wool materials with high quality, good fineness, dense surface scales, good curling degree and softness to the touch, are more likely entangled and balling up.
          (2) Different texture and density of the fabric has pilling phenomenon of various degrees.
          (3) When wearing, contacts with different objects (smooth or rough) will cause pilling of various degrees. Sleeve, pockets and other parts are more likely balling up due to frequent frictions.
          (4) In the respect of process: loosely twisted cashmere strands are relatively chubby and with full yarns, but are more likely balling up; while the tightly twisted will lose the style of cashmere strands, and looks like a rope.
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